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    Best PP Woven Sack Making Machine at affordable price in India

    Five Fingers Exports is the best manufacturer and supplier of PP Woven Sack Making Machines in India at a reasonable cost. We manufacture the most powerful PP woven sack manufacturing machine with high quality, energy-efficient, and long-lasting machines at the lowest price. Our automatic pp woven bag cutting and sewing machines are used for manufacturing PP/HDPE woven sacks from PP/HDPE tubular roll. These bags can be used in the cement industry; textile mills feed industry, and so on.

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      Our professionals are always ready to offer you a live demo and train you on the specific working conditions if you encounter any problems.
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      Polypropylene (PP) woven sacks have emerged as a popular choice for packaging various products, thanks to their durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness.

    Fully Automatic PP Woven Bag Cutting and Stitching Machine(Hot & Cold Cutting)

    Five Fingers Exports (An ISO: 9001 certified co.,) Fully Automatic PP Woven Sack Cutting and Stitching Machine is a high-speed conversion line for cross-cutting, bottom folding, sewing and finally stacking of finished PP/HDPE woven fabric bags in one continuous operation. Our automatic pp woven bag cutting and sewing machine can be used for bag conversion from plain woven (non-coated or coated) and printed woven fabric. Our advanced pp woven bag stitching machine with servo and PLC controls is designed for fabric widths up to 300 – 800 mm. Our automatic PP/HDPE woven sack bag cutting stitching machine works with high-speed conversion and can produce 45 sack bags per minute.

    PP Woven sack Cutting and Stitching Machine price in India

    FFN BCSM – 850/1250

    PP HDPE Woven Bags Making Machine

    User-Friendly Interface

    Integration & Automation


    Specifications BCSM 850/40 BCSM 1250/40
    Width of Unwinding Fabric Roll 300 to 850 mm 300 to 1250 mm
    Replacement of Fabric Roll Customer Requirement Customer Requirement
    Cutting Length 500 -1550 mm 500 -1550 mm
    Cutting Length Accuracy +/-1 mm +/-1 mm
    Bottom Folding Width 20-30 mm 20-30 mm
    Stitching Type Single Stitch or Double Stitch Single Stitch or Double
    Stitching Range 7 to 12 mm 7 to 12 mm
    Production Speed Upto 45 bags/min Upto 45 bags/min
    Dimensions ( L*W*H) 23 x 16.5 x 6 feet 23 x 19.5 x 6 feet
    Cutting Hot & Cold Hot & Cold
    Folding Type Single / Double Single / Double
    Stitching to Stitching Gap 5 to 6 mm 5 to 6 mm


    • Equipped with advanced extrusion systems that are designed for high-speed and consistent production, ensuring a smooth and uniform flow of materials.

    • It can be integrated with advanced printing systems that provide precise and high-quality printing results.

    • Cutting (Hot & Cold Cutting) and stitching systems ensure accuracy, resulting in consistent sack dimensions.

    • It is incorporated with user-friendly features that allow operators to monitor and control various parameters such as production speed, fabric tension, etc.

    high quality machines


    Key Features:

    PP sack making machines are the backbone of the packaging industry, revolutionizing the manufacturing process of polypropylene (PP) woven sacks. Our advanced machines offer a range of key features that enhance efficiency, productivity, and product quality.

    • Precise Cutting and Stitching
    • Advanced extrusion systems

    • Troubleshooting Features
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Customization Options
    • Safety Features
    Unparalleled Expertise

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    Our goal is to offer the best quality PP Woven sack Making Machine in India at cost-effective prices. Our customers count on us due to our machine’s unique design, innovative features, high specification, specialized delivery needs, and customer services. 



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    “Maximize Productivity with High-Speed PP Woven Sack Making Machines”

    Five Fingers Exports are the one-stop solution for all your necessities; we offer pp woven sack machine price affordably with spare parts, machine services, and any other. No matter where you are, we are located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India exporting our high-speed PP woven bag machine all over India on time.

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    PP Woven Bag Making Machine Manufacturers in India at Lowest Price

    Our organization is counted amongst the most distinguished manufacturers, and suppliers of a vast range of sack-making machines. You can get any type and size of sack machines for your industry at an affordable price from us as we are experienced PP woven sack manufacturing machine suppliers in India. We are the leading PP woven sack making machine manufacturers in India supplying machines with high stability and great performance. We always acknowledge our client’s satisfaction, we offer customer support at any time and anywhere. We provide different modes of payment transactions and shipment to our clients. Feel free to contact us to know further queries about the product. We assure you that you can get the best quality and high performance pp woven bag cutting and stitching machine at the best price in India from us!


    Easy Maintenance

    High level of Accuracy

    User-Friendly Interface


    Easy Maintenance

    High level of Accuracy

    User-Friendly Interface

    Innovative Solutions:
    Combine Printing and Bag Making with
    Our Inline PP Woven Bag Machine

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      Gift Bags


      Gift Bags


      Gift Bags


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      High production speed

      Certified manufacturers

      User friendly operation

      Unique design structure

      Low energy consumption

      Minimum man power

      Less required space

      High working speed

      Minimum maintenance cost

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      Thanks to Five Fingers Exports...their nonwoven Fabric Slitting Machine has improved our production efficiency significantly. It precisely cuts fabric, reducing waste and ensuring our products meet quality standards. It's an essential tool in our factory.
      Vignesh vikky
      Vignesh vikky
      I bought a Cotton Bag Printing Machine from Five Finger Exports, and I'm extremely satisfied with them. The machine's operation exceeded my expectations.
      Manoj kumar A
      Manoj kumar A
      Good service
      Vadivel Maths
      Vadivel Maths
      Last month, I purchased a Nonwoven bag machine. They carefully explained the operation of the equipment, which met what I wanted.
      ᴀҒSᴀƦ ᴀPᴘᴜ
      ᴀҒSᴀƦ ᴀPᴘᴜ
      They are one of the leading manufacturer of nonwoven machine spares.I bought ultrasonic transducer for my nonwoven bag making machine. I was really impressed by the quality of the product.
      sivapriya madhusudhanan
      sivapriya madhusudhanan
      I heartily suggest them. The valid reason for interacting with Five Finger Exports is their qualitative products, quick response, and genuine guidance. Thanks to Mr. Arun Kumar (director) for his sincere support.
      Abinaya Vaishnavi D
      Abinaya Vaishnavi D
      Thank you Five Fingers Exports for delivering my non-woven bag making machine on time. We'd like to work with this young charming team to have long term business.
      Samrana Safreen
      Samrana Safreen
      I’m really amazed with bevel cutting technology and the production capacity of U-shape Tetra-Pack Straw packing machine that I bought last week, it solidly packed about 250 – 300 pieces per minute. Keep it up Five Fingers Team!
      prem kumar
      prem kumar
      2 years back, I bought a PP woven bag making machine from Five Fingers Exports. Last week I called service department for servicing, they immediately sent a technician to my location. He clarified my queries clearly. They are communicating with us regarding service automatically. I highly recommend their service.
      Karthick Raja
      Karthick Raja
      I got a very good experience with the Five Fingers Exports team. I purchased a square bottom paper bag making machine from them, the product was of exceptional quality. Price of the machine is too budget-friendly.
      Jegan Ravi
      Jegan Ravi

      Get High Quality PP Woven Sack Making Machine in India

      Five Fingers Exports was founded with the vision of setting up the excellent “state of the art” manufacturing standard quality machines and to supply all over India. As a prominent manufacturers of automatic PP woven sack machine in India which is suitable for both laminated and unlaminated fabric bags. We are continuously focused on improving the technology and quality of our products to meet the latest demands in the market. We have several branches around India, and we deliver our machines on time, regardless of where you are in India (north, south, east, or west). Simply submit a request form and we will respond as soon as possible with our best price.

      Unique Features

      • Unwinding unit with automatic loading of fabric

      • Web alignment unit

      • Photo electric sensor for printed fabric

      • Hot cutting and cold cutting with mouth opening roller

      • Automatic thread cutting

      • Programmable stacking count

      • Stitching needle gap 5-14 mm

      PP woven bag printing machines

      High-Speed Conversion Line:

      What Types of PP Woven Sack Machines We Manufacture?

      Trying to double your production? Looking to enhance your product sales and revenue? You must need a high-speed pp woven sack making machine. Simply contact us and get our premium quality machines at an affordable price.

      Fully Automatic PP Woven Valve Bag Making Machine in India

      We are the leading manufacturers of fully automatic PP Woven Valve bag making machine in India. Our valvomatic pp woven bag manufacturing machines are well-known for their high efficiency. This spectacular machine works with a maximum speed of 35-40 bags per minute. Valve PP Woven Bag Cutting and Stitching Machine are exclusively built with the latest technology to fulfill all market needs. This is an all-in-one machine that offers solutions to all kinds of PP woven Bag Conversion, which includes PP Valve Bags, PP Gusseted Bags, PP W-Cut Bags, and PP Woven sacks. The Main feature of this machine is that it works with minimal wastage and high efficiency as it is built with servo drives and PLC programming. The machine is capable of producing bags with top sleeves and bottom sleeves.

      Valvomatic PP Woven Bag Making Machine Manufacturers at low cost


      Description FFN Valve Bag machine
      Diameter of Fabric Roll ≤ 1200 mm
      Width of Unwinding Fabric Roll 550 mm
      Cutting Length 500 – 920 mm
      Cutting Length Accuracy ± 1 mm
      Bottom Folding Width 20-30 mm
      Stitching Type Single Stitch or Double Stitch
      Stitching Range 7 to 12 mm
      Dimensions ( L*W*H) 12500*5000*1400mm (L*W*H)
      Cutting Hot / Cold cutting (Optional)
      Folding Type Single / Double
      Stitching to Stitching gap 5 to 6 mm

      PP Woven Valve Bag Making Machine

      • Automatic loading and unloading of Tubular fabric
      • Automatic Web aligner for Edge Positioning of PP woven Fabric
      • Print mark Sensor for bag conversion of printed PP woven fabric
      • Accumulator unit keeps a reserve of extra length of fabric opened during continuous unwinding and helps in maintaining uniform tension of fabric.
      • Fully Servo controlled valve forming unit, produces valves with, perfect accuracy and thereby sequentially moving to the stitching unit to make the stitching with double / single fold.
      • Machine comes with Top and Bottom sleeve which helps to protect the bags from rough handling.
      • Sleeve protects the thread & thereby no spillage or leak of materials.

      • Different Kinds of bags that shall be done in our machine are

        • Valve bags – cement bags, fertilizer bags Etc..
        • Woven sack bags – Rice bags, Sugar bags Etc.
        • Handle bags – Shopping bags
        • W-cut bags (Carry bags) – Shopping bags
        • Gusseted bags

      Our Prestigious Clients

      Our Machines Ultimate Features


      The design of our entire automatic sack machine is customized with a specific order, specification features that deeply based on customers’ satisfaction.


      Our uniquely designed PP woven bag making machines have proven good functionality, high productivity, and much higher efficiency with prompt service.


      Aluminium frames and stainless steel are used in our machines to provide a resistance barrier and help machines withstand pressure for a long time.


      Because of its efficient structure, our PP woven bag producing machine is intended for high performance and can endure difficult processes.


      By keeping customers convenience in mind, our manufactured machines are allowed to different quality control tests before the delivery of the product.


      These machines are highly manufactured under the supervision of our trained and experienced technicians using top-quality components.

      Premium PP Woven Bag Cutting and Sewing Machine Suppliers in India

      As we are a direct manufacturer of PP Woven Sack Cutting and Stitching Machines, we can offer you the best price possible. We always acknowledge our client’s satisfaction; apart from manufacturing machines, we offer 24 * 7 customer service anywhere in India.We deliver the fully automatic PP woven bag cutting and stitching machine with a high-speed conversion line.

      PP Woven Bag Cutting Machine

      • Looking for the best PP woven sack bag cutting machine manufacturers in India? Five Fingers Exports are always conscious of delivering unique designed machines with a flexible operating system for clients’ satisfaction.
      • To make your work easy and work without making any fault, we design automatic sack cutting machines with ultimate working conditions.

      PP Woven Sack Stitching Machine

      • We deliver the automatic PP woven bag sewing machine price affordably in India with excellent design, innovation, durability, reliability, and best performance. Purchasing this machine from us will definitely outcome in the best quality products.
      • These machines are available under different models with slight changes in specification and operational features.

      What makes us unique?

      • If you are in search of the best PP woven sack making machine manufacturers in India, we are the best choice in offering standard machines at affordable prices.
      • Our unique designed machines are easy to handle and operate. Are you concerned about pp woven bag making machine price in India? We guarantee a low pricing.
      • The machine is highly manufactured in compliance with industrial standards with efficiency, reliability and durability.

      Why choose our PP woven sack making machine?


      Affordable Pricing

      We supply only high efficient, reliable & durable PP bag manufacturing machine in India at the most reasonable cost. Buy cost-effective machines from the leading PP woven bag making machine suppliers in India.


      High Quality Machines

      We utilize only verified materials to manufacture the fully automatic PP bag making machine in India. Our technical experts make sure that the machines are free from every fault to deliver excellent function.


      100% Customer Satisfaction

      Our team of technical experts are well knowledgeable in manufacturing woven sack making machines. We offer our best and work with 100% customer support by delivering the guaranteed quality machine.

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      Our Top-Notch PP woven sack making machine price starts at Rs 1350000/piece.

      The PP woven bags are usually made by PP fabric known as polypropylene and Woven polypropylene/HDPE bags or simply woven PP/HDPE bags.

      Five Fingers Exports offers a one-stop solution for you. Yes, we provide high-quality PP woven bag making machines, quality spare parts, repair/services and any other requirements.

      As the best manufacturer in India, we manufacture fully Automatic PP Woven Bag Cutting and Stitching Machine with excellent design.

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