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    India’s First Fully Automatic Paper Straw Making Machine

    Five Fingers Exports is the leading manufacturer of paper straw making machines at the lowest price in India. The biodegradable Paper drinking straw making machine is one of the most trending machines in the current Indian market at the perfect replacement for PP and plastic straws. As a top supplier, we manufacture fully automatic drinking paper straw making machines in India with more manually customized features and reduce the labor intensity of the operation. The fully Automatic Paper Straw Making Machine that we manufacture is suitable for producing different sizes of paper straws, such as 3.8mm; 5mm; 6mm; 8mm; 10mm, 12mm, etc. Boost your production of paper straws through our high speed paper straw making machine.

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    Trying to double your production?

    Looking to enhance your product sales and revenue? You must need a fully automatic drinking paper straw making machine. Simply contact us and get our premium quality machines at an affordable price. Support after sales, training, free installation, demo, and much more features are included in our services.

    On time delivery
    On time delivery
    Quality assurance

    Quality assurance

    Huge production

    Huge production

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    Reasonable cost

    Fully Automatic Paper Straw Making Machine In India

    Fully Automatic Paper Straw Making Machine In India

    We Five Fingers Exports assure you of our machine’s quality, production speed, and performance. As more and more people become conscious of their environmental impact, the demand for paper straws has increased significantly. When looking for a paper straw-making machine manufacturer, it’s essential to consider factors such as the manufacturer’s reputation, the quality of their machines, and the level of service they provide. We are responsible for designing and producing machines that can efficiently and effectively produce paper straws of various sizes and designs.

    One Step Forward, Infinite Possibilities

    U-shaped paper straw production line produces paper straws from winding, cutting, drying, bending and packaging at one time.


    1. The paper roll is fed through the paper feeder at high speed, and the glue feeder is glued at a constant temperature to stabilize the glue amount automatically.
    2. Adhesive paper layer is wound and formed by a High-speed paper straw machine, which can complete Multi-section cutting at one time.
    3. The paper straw electric dryer dries the paper straws, and then bendable grooves are formed by the flexible bending machine.
    4. Straws are conveyed to the Paper straw dryer via a conveyor belt for secondary drying.
    5. Finally, the Packaging machine will secondarily process the bendable straws into a U shape straw, Bottom slice the straws into sharped (Bevel Cut), and use BOPP film to pack the U-shaped paper straws one by one.

    Why Choose Five Fingers Exports

    • Your one-stop solution for all requirements like supplying brand-new machines, spare parts, and machine services.

    • Manufactured to cater your specific industry needs
    • Boost your production of paper straws through our high speed paper straw machines.

    • Get Customized Paper Straws from Bending to Packaging
    • Revolutionize your paper straw production with our machines.

    Listen to our clients’ experiences

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    Single Cutter Paper Straw Making Machine in India

    FFN – Single Cutter Paper Straw Making Machine comes with an auto-splicer that supplies paper and helps the machine runs continuously. It is equipped with a servo system to increase the production of paper straws up to 150m/min. Our drinking straw machine also has an auto-gluing part which effectively supplies glue on the paper for quality production. We are an affordable biodegradable straw manufacturing machine supplier, offering machines all over India dealing with all kinds of services at reasonable charges. Apart from manufacturing straw maker machines, we provide services at any time and anywhere in India. Want to know about the paper straw making machine price in India? contact us right away to hear our unique offers.

    Technical Specifications:
    Description Details
    Maximum Thickness 0.5 mm
    Minimum Thickness 0.2 mm
    Minimum Length 120 mm
    Cutting Way One Knife Pneumatic / Servo
    Glue Method Glue Extraction Circulate
    Length Control Encoder
    Operator 1 Person
    Mandrel Fixing Screw Clamp
    Speed Control Servo
    Technical Instructions
    Description Details
    Paper Tension Control Continuous
    Lubrication Electric Roller
    Belt Tension Adjustment Wheel Adjustment
    Belt Angle Adjustment Wheel Adjustment
    Synchronous Control Synchronous Belt
    Technical Parameters
    Description Details
    Layers of Paper 3 Layers
    Outer Diameter 3.5 – 8 mm
    Output Speed 3 – 80 m / min
    Speed Controller & PLC Schneider Servo
    Max Length of Straw 500 mm
    Weight 1150Kg
    Floor Area 7000 * 3000 * 1700 mm
    Rated Power 10.6 Kw
    Input Power 3P / 380v / 50Hz
    Straws Auto Glue Station

    Auto Splicer

    • Helps to change the paper rolls without stopping the machine
    • Using Auto-detection, once the paper roll is finished it will cut the end of the old paper roll and connect with the new paper roll automatically

    Auto Glue Station

    • Enhanced with SS Frame and SS Glue Pot

    • Glue Pump enables glue recycle system

    • Oil roller is used for lubrication in inner paper strip

    Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our customers say!


    I purchased the Paper Straws Making Machine from Five Fingers Exports and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the machine. Technician team was very helpful in answering all our queries and providing timely support whenever required. Good job team.
    – Dhananjeyan G


    I purchased fully Automatic paper straws machine from five fingers 3 years back. Still now there is no issues and machine working perfectly. Service and customer care very good. Even my life style changed after this machine joined our company. Thanks a lot and I strongly appreciate five fingers team in achieving my goal. – Saji Chacko


    Our relationship stared in year 2013 in purchasing the straw making machine I am really amazed with their industry standards of giving importance to quality and service. Much satisfied with their technical team and support by giving the confidence to run the machine.
    – Pradeepa Selvaraj


    Great company to assist with in buying the drinking straw making machine and an excellent machine manufacturer in India. Their after sales response is quite satisfactory and provides best customer service undoubtedly. We are looking for repeat orders from Five Fingers Exports again.
    – Mohamed Rafi

    Easy Steps To Buy Your Desired Paper Straw Production Machine

    Our goal is to offer the best quality full automatic food grade paper straw making machine in India at cost-effective prices. Our customers count on us due to our machine’s unique design, innovative features, high specification, specialized delivery needs, and customer services. 



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    After Sale Service

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    What Makes Us Unique?

    “Efficiency Unboxed: Revolutionize Your Paper Straw Production & Packaging”

    “Efficiency Unboxed: Revolutionize Your Paper Straw Production & Packaging”

    Five Fingers Exports are the one-stop solution for all your necessities. If you find any problems, our expert specialists are committed to supporting you at your doorstep to resolve any issues and provide a live demonstration of how it functions. we assure you that you can get the best quality Straw Making Machine in India with high performance from us!

    Quality Assurance
    Products Delivered
    Technical Parameters
    Layers of Paper 3 layers
    Diameter 6 – 12mm (OD), 5 – 11mm (ID)
    (3.8 mm Only as per request)
    Output Speed 25 – 40 m /min
    Max straw length 1050 mm
    Weight 1350 Kg
    Rated Power 6.15 Kw/h
    InputPower 3p / 380v / 50Hz

    7 Knife Paper Straw Making Machine

    straw manufacturing machine

    Product Description

    FFN – 7 Knife paper straw making machine comes with a paper feeder which supplies paper helps the machine runs continuously.It helps to increase the production of paper straw upto 50 m/min.Machine also have a Gluing part which effectively supplies glues on the paper for quality production.

    Types of Paper Straw Machines we manufacture

    Type 1
    paper straw making machine price in India

    Paper Straw Bending

    Type 2

    Paper Straw Bevel Cutting Machine

    Type 3

    Paper Straw Tetra Packing Machine

    Type 4
    power automatic biodegradable paper straw making machine

    Single Paper Straw Packing Machine

    Type 5
    high quality paper straw manufacturing machine

    Multi-Paper Straw Packing Machine

    Type 6
    eco-friendly drinking straw making machine

    Paper Roll Slitting &
    Rewinding Machine

    Key Features
    of Our Paper
    Straw Machine

    PLC Controller
    Greater ROI
    Servo System
    Auto OFF & ON
    Easy Operation
    Highly Energy-Saving
    Speed Controller
    User-Friendly Features
    Conveyor Belt System
    Auto-gluing Part


    straw machine

    Product Description

    The straw dryer system is used to dry the glues on the straw to increase production speed. The spacious drying system can dry a good quantity of straws simultaneously. We used best-in-class heating technology for low power consumption and better quality output. This System helps you to avoid the waiting time for drying the glues and can easily proceed to the next stage of production.

    Technical Parameters
    Total Power 10Kw
    Speed 0 – 15 m/min
    Size 1750 * 450 * 1450mm
    Weight 120 Kg
    Tunnel Size 1200 * 450 * 50-350mm
    External Dimension 1600 * 650 * 1200mm

    Leading Paper Drinking Straw Making Machine Suppliers in India

    Five Fingers Exports is the leading paper drinking straw making machine manufacturers in India with trusted quality. At present, the straw paper industry has developed as one of the leading and top industries of the best quality paper straw at an affordable price in India. When looking for a paper straw machine, it’s important to consider the output capacity, the size of the machine, and the level of automation. High-output machines are able to produce large quantities of straws quickly, making them ideal for large-scale production. On the other hand, smaller machines are more suitable for small-scale production or for businesses with limited space. Want to know the high-speed paper drinking straw making machine price in India? Contact us now and know our special price.

    If you are looking for the best paper drinking straw making machine in India with the lowest price then contact us. We are the years of experienced eco friendly paper straw making machine manufacturing company in India, providing uncompromising quality services to our customers. When looking for a machine manufacturer, it’s also important to consider the cost. Prices for machines can vary greatly depending on factors such as the manufacturer, the size of the machine, and the level of automation. It’s important to compare prices from different manufacturers and to consider the long-term cost benefits of purchasing a high-quality machine.

    One of the leading paper straw making machine manufacturers is Five Fingers Exports company, which has been in the industry for many years. We have a reputation for producing high-quality machines that are both efficient and reliable. Our machines are designed to produce paper straws of various sizes, shapes, and designs. We are also known for providing excellent customer service and technical support, ensuring that our customers have everything they need to get the most out of their machines. We guarantee you that you can get the best quality and high-performance paper straw machine at the best price in India from us. We have several branches around India, and we deliver our fully Automatic Paper Straw Making Machine on time, regardless of where you are in India (north, south, east, or west).

    Why cherry-pick us?

    • The machine is very cost-effective and can be purchased in bulk quantities by valuable customers at reasonable pricing.
    • Our service team is always available to service you anytime and explain the full working condition of the machine.
    • No matter where you are, we are located in Coimbatore exporting our machine all over India in good time.

    Why Five Fingers Exports is Unique?

    • Buying machines from Five Fingers Exports completes your satisfaction as they are designed uniquely with facilities & technical specifications by keeping the clients’ comfort in mind.
    • As the best paper straw making machine manufacturer and supplier in India, we provide high-quality and long-lasting machine in India.
    • Our manufacturing company offers high-quality straw machines, clients attain lots of benefits to gain profit with our unique structured machine.

    Get Affordable High Speed Paper Drinking Straw Making Machine

    • The high speed paper drinking straw making machine is adopted with a human-machine operation interface PLC.
    • The primary motor is equipped with variable frequency speed regulation, simple for parameter setting & operating the machine.
    • Slitting rolls can be easily positioned in a paper feeding stand by an electric lifting device.
    • We provide an auto peel-off and the option to reduce the time of setting and loading raw material.
    • It consists of a Spiral winding part, hanging type operation panel, specific operation system, and Belt tension device (driven hand-wheel).
    • A multi-knife system with an in-line cutting unit is controlled by an encoder, cutting the final paper tube directly.
    • We are providing a great dryer with a conveyor and collector system to produce quality straws for immediate packing and dispatch.
    • Fundamental parts: The servo motor and inverter all use the Schneider brand, and pneumatic components use the air tech brand, with truly stable execution.

    Why purchase our exclusive straw making machine?
    In this competitive industry, we produce a high-quality machine to make paper straws which are a very good alternative option to plastic straws. When talking about drinking paper straw making machine price in India, we are the best choice in offering you reasonable costs with trusted machines. The whole paper straw machine is characterized by a compact structure and simple and stable working conditions. Our machines are very effortless and have a simple process to operate with a single operator or normal worker.

    Why choose our paper straw machine?


    Affordable Pricing

    We supply only highly efficient, reliable, durable & high speed paper drinking straw machinery in India at the most reasonable cost and at determined quality. Buy cost-effective machines from the leading paper straw making machine suppliers in India.


    Top Quality Machines

    We utilize only verified materials to manufacture automatic paper straw making machine in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. Our technical professionals make sure that the machines are free from every fault to deliver outstanding functions.


    100% Customer Satisfaction

    Our team of technical experts is well knowledgeable in manufacturing fully/semi automatic paper straw machines in India. We offer our best and work with 100% customer support by delivering guaranteed service & best quality straw making machine.

    FAQ Of Customers

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    The Premium drinking straw making machine price starts at Rs 1,100,000/Piece.

    Five Fingers Exports offers a one-stop solution for you. Yes, we provide high quality machines, the best quality spare parts, repair, services, and any other needs.

    We offer a simple way to contact us. You can contact us for an automatic paper drinking straw making machine to order or services at +91 9655286222 or submit your requirements using our free online quote form.

    If you meet any trouble operating the machine, our skilful technicians are committed to helping you at your doorstep to solve any faults if occur and ready to show a live demo about how it operates.

    Paper drinking straw machinery is one of the most trending machines in the current Indian market. It is an excellent replacement for PP and plastic straws as they are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

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