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Fully Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine

We are the leading manufacturers of the best Paper Bag Making Machine in India at affordable prices. We manufacture paper shopping bag making machine, fully automatic paper bag making machine, kraft paper bag making machine, paper carry bag machines, and grocery paper bag making machines from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. We manufacture a wide range of Paper bag manufacturing machines to make shopping bags, grocery bags, kraft bags, newspaper bags, paper carry bags, food bags, and paper bags with handles.

  • Generating Greater ROI
    We have supported our clients in increasing their production capacity.

  • High-performance Speed
    Our fully automatic paper bag machine is a revolutionary machine that is mastered to produce finest paper bag with high speed.
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    TYPE FFN 220 FFN 350 FFN 450
    Cutting Length (L) 190-430 MM 270-530 MM 270-530 MM
    Paper Bag Width (W) 80-220 MM 120-350 MM 210-450 MM
    Bottom Size(H) 50-120 MM 60-180 MM 90-180 MM
    Paper Bag Thickness 50-150g/m2 60-150g/m2 80-150g/m2
    Mechanical Speed 30-260 Pcs/Min 30-220 Pcs/Min 30-220 Pcs/Min
    Paper Bag Speed 30-200Pcs/Min 30-180 Pcs/Min 30-150 Pcs/Min
    Paper Roll Width 290-710 MM 380-1050 MM 660-1290 MM
    Paper Diameter 1300 MM 1300 MM 1300 MM
    Inner Diameter of Paper 76 MM 76 MM 76 MM
    Total Power 380V/3P/4Line/11.5 Kw 380V/3P/4Line/15 Kw 380V/3P/4Line/15 Kw
    Total Weight 6000 Kg 8500 Kg 9000 Kg
    Overall Size 8200*3500*2200 MM 1000*3700*2200 MM 1000*3800*2200 MM


    A machine that is simple to use and operator-friendly contributes to high productivity and maintenance-free operation.

    Complete control over the machine is provided through fully-automated PLC control.

    Easy installation and reduced room required are made possible by a small footprint.

    Machine life is significantly increased by automatic lubrication systems.

    Pneumatic reel lifting facilitates fast changeover with minimal work.

    An automatic tension control system ensures that bags meet all international requirements for quality and finishing.

    Easy collection of finished paper bags and less complicated production scheduling are made possible by automatic counting systems.

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    Automatic Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine in India

    Five Fingers Exports (An ISO: 9001 certified co.,) If you are a manufacturer searching for a Kraft paper bag making machine pricing in India, simply contact us for a quote. We are a well-known paper bag making machine manufacturer in India offering the best prices. The area of expertise of our Five Fingers Exports company lies in the production of Shopping Paper Carry Bag Making Machine. We offer these paper hand bag making machines with a wide range of grades and dimensions. This machine has been constructed and developed from optimum quality steel and is offered in diverse varieties. Paper Bag Machine is highly suitable for the production of a high volume of paper bags. It is equipped with PLC control, frequency-controlled speed modification, and remote control system. Side gluing, gusset shaping, base folding, and pasting, automatic collection, and counting, are processed all in one continuous workflow. As a top supplier, we are engaged in offering our clientele a broad range of semi automatic paper bag making machine units and manual paper bag making machines with effective & timely delivery. Comparing other manufacturers our paper bag machine price is very feasible.

    kraft paper bag making machine manufacturers in India

    FFN 350

    Paper Hand Bag Making Machine

    Environmentally Friendly

    Fully Automatic with PLC control

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    What are the types of Paper Bag Machines we manufacture?

    • Paper Shopping Bag Making Machine

    • Paper Carry Bag Making Machine
    • Semi Automatic Paper Bag Machine
    • Fully Automatic Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine


    Description Detail
    Type Of Bag Shopping Bag, Kraft Bag
    Bag Material Paper
    Usage/Application Packaging
    Machine Type Fully Automatic
    Voltage 220v 50hz
    Power 8 KW
    Capacity 400 Pieces/minute
    Max Bag Length 25 Inch

    Salient Features of our Paper Bag Forming Machine

    • Foolproof and Reliable
    • Lubrication System
    • Fully Automatic with PLC control
    • Pneumatic Reel Lift
    • Small Footprint
    • Automatic Counting System

    Buy Quality Semi automatic paper bag making machine at Lowest Price in India


    Get Paper Shopping Bag Making Machine at Lowest Price

    We are a leading manufacturer of paper bag making machine in India at competitive prices. You can trust the quality of our product without any regrets. We manufacture and deliver the finest fully automatic paper carry bag making machine in the market. This paper bag manufacturing machine is a cost-effective solution and the best available alternative on the market, without sacrificing quality or efficiency at such a low price. Because of its compact size, user-friendly operation, and many cutting length possibilities, it is the most in-demand machine in the bag-making sector. We have several branches around India, and we deliver our paper hand bag making machine on time, regardless of where you are in India (north, south, east, or west). As we are a direct manufacturer of paper bag making machines, we can offer you the best price possible. It’s time to increase production and expand your company; order efficient shopping paper bag making machines from Five Fingers Exports and dominate your manufacturing competitors. Our paper bag machine cost in Coimbatore is guaranteed to be the most economical on the market. If you face any difficulty, our skilled technicians are dedicated to helping you at your doorstep to solve any faults if occur and are ready to show a live demo about how it works. we assure you that you can get the best quality and low price paper bag making machine in India with high-performance from us!

    • Boost your production of paper bags through our high-speed automatic paper bag making machine.
    • We guarantee the quality, production speed, and entire performance of our machine.
    • Support after sales, training, free installation, demo, and more features are included in our services.
    • We offer the best semi automatic paper bag making machine with effective & timely delivery.
    • You can simply request a quote to know the trending paper bag machine price!
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    Trying to double your production? Looking to enhance your product sales and revenue? You must need a high-speed fully automatic paper bag making machine. simply contact us and get our premium quality machines at an affordable price.

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    Salient features of
    our machines:

    • Easy to Operate

    • Durable, Long Life & Reliable

    • Anti-Noise Interference
    • Easy in Installation

    • Low Maintenance

    • Excellent production speed
    • Reduced labour cost
    • Increased efficiency

    Machine’s unique
    end products

    • Kraft paper bags

    • Shopping bags
    • Newspaper Bags

    • Food Bags

    • Paper Carry Bags

    • Grocery Bags

    • Paper Handle Bags

    Best Fully Automatic Paper Carry Bag Making Machine Manufacturers in India at Low Price

    We always bring good quality products with
    100% safety measures

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    Our Offered After-Sales Support 

    • After-sales Service:
      We are always here for you, we provide 24 * 7 customer support, we offer services at any time and anywhere to help our esteemed customers and solve problems instantly.

    • Operation Guide:
      After the customer receives the paper bag forming machines, our technicians will guide the installation throughout. Our skilled machinists are dedicated to helping you at your doorstep to solve any faults if occur and are ready to show a live demo about how it works.

    • Machine Parts:
      All our machine parts are of excellent quality and famous brands, which are convenient for customers. We also provide spare parts readily with excellent quality. When comparing the pricing of our paper handle bag making machine to that of other manufacturers, we will always be less than 10% to 20% cheaper.

    Leading Semi Automatic/Manual Paper Bag Making Machine Suppliers in India

    We are the manufacturer of Paper Shopping Bag Making Machine. Our products are appreciated for their features like damage resistance, long service life, ease to use, user-friendly design, and lightweight. Additionally, we are offering these products at very reasonable rates. Our elite paper bag manufacturing machine is a multipurpose machine that can be used for the side pasting, creasing & base pasting process for paper bag making. You may easily make bags in various sizes for packing confectionery, food, ready-made clothing, tea powder, groceries, and dry cleaners with the help of this Machinery. We provide machines with customized specifications and top quality that would help us to stand in front of other manufacturers. Are you looking for a high-speed Manual Paper Bag Making Machine to maximize your production? We are providing paper bag machines at the best price in Tamil Nadu, feel free to contact us right away. We are always here for you, we provide 24 * 7 customer support, and we offer services at any time and anywhere in India. If you are looking for a paper bag making machine lowest price in India then contact us. We are years of experienced paper bag/pouch making machine manufacturing company in India, providing uncompromising quality services to our customers.

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    Why Choose Five Fingers Exports?
    • We are the one-stop solution, no matter where you are, we are located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India supplying brand new kraft paper bag making machines, spare parts, machine services all over India on time.

    • When talking about the paper bag making machine price in India, being the best company we provide top-quality machines at a reasonable price.

    Time to say goodbye to plastic bags!

    Nowadays, paper carry bag making machines are in the trend. Above all paper bags are becoming a good replacement for plastic materials. Many states in India have prohibited the use of plastics, and now paper has become more popular in the food and textile industries for packaging purposes. We supply high efficient paper bag manufacturing machine at the best quality.

    Easy Steps To Buy Your Desired Paper Bag Machine

    Our goal is to offer the best quality Paper Bag Making Machine in India at cost-effective prices. Our customers count on us due to our machine’s unique design, innovative features, high specification, specialized delivery needs, and customer services. 


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    Why choose our Paper Bag Machine?


    Affordable Pricing

    We supply only high efficient fully automatic paper bag manufacturing machines at the best quality. Buy cost-effective machines from the leading paper bag making machine suppliers in India.


    Premium Quality Machines

    We utilize verified materials to manufacture our newspaper bag making machine. Our technical experts make sure that machines are fault-free to deliver skilful function.


    100% Customer Satisfaction

    Our technical experts is well knowledgeable in manufacturing paper bag forming machines. We give our best work with 100% customer support by delivering guaranteed services.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our Top-Notch paper bag making machine price starts at Rs 1,480,000/piece.

    If you face any difficulty while running the machine, our skilled technicians are dedicated to helping you at your doorstep to solve any faults if occur and ready to show a live demo about how it works.

    You can make paper bag products with different bag types and sizes such as shopping bags, grocery bags, kraft bags, newspaper bags, paper carry bags, food bags, and even paper bags with handles.

    Five Fingers Exports offers a one-stop solution for you. Yes, we provide high-quality paper pouch making machines, quality spare parts requirements, repair/services, and any other necessities.

    All you have to do is buy our affordably priced fully automatic paper shopping bag making machines that provide high productivity and high efficiency.

    We offer a simple way to contact us. You can contact us for a fully automatic kraft paper bag-making machine to order or services at +91 80471 14777 or submit your requirements using our free online quote form.

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