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    U-Shape Tetra-Pack Straw Packing Machine in India

    Five Fingers Exports (An ISO: 9001 certified co.,) We are the Premium Manufacturers and Supplier of U Shaped Tetra Pack Straw Packing Machine in India. This fully drive-controlled U Shape paper straw machine is suitable for various tetra packing industries. Our machine has the capacity of packing 250 – 300 pieces per minute. Additionally, four sealing packaging method is implemented in this U Shape paper straw packing machine for high efficiency. The major raw material used in this packaging machine is Bopp Rolls. We assure you of our machine’s quality, production speed, and entire performance.  We guarantee you that you can get the best quality and high-performance tetra-pack straw auto packing machine at the best price in India from us. Paper drinking straws may be easily bent into a “U” form and automatically packed in a single row using our u-shape tetrapak drinking straw packing equipment.

    • Additionally, the bevel cutting technology is used, allowing the straws’ ends to be sharp.
    • Straws are packed in the same direction after they have been fully bent, edge cut, and arranged in a row.
    • Apart from manufacturing U Shape paper straw machines, we provide services at any time and anywhere in India.


    Total power 2.5 KW
    Production Speed250 – 300 Pcs / Min
    Roll Diameter280 mm
    Straw Diameter4 – 6 mm
    Width of BOPP Film180 mm
    Thickness of BOPP film20μm-30μm
    Machine Dimensions2000 mm * 1800mm * 1750mm
    Machine Weight1000 Kgs
    Paper Straw Tetra Packing Machine Manufacturers in India

    If you find any problems, our expert specialists are committed to supporting you at your doorstep to resolve any issues and provide a live demonstration of how it functions. we assure you that you can get the best quality and low price u shape tetrapak straw packing machine in India with high performance from us!

    Why makes it Unique?

    • High Efficiency

    • 250 – 300 pieces per minute Packing capacity

    • Optimum Work Ability

    • Four side sealing

    • Fully Drive controlled machine

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