PLA Straw Making Machine Manufacturers in India

PLA Straw Making Machine Manufacturers in India

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    Fully Automatic PLA Straw Making Machine in India

    As a leading PLA straw making machine manufacturer in India, we are committed to providing our customers with innovative and efficient solutions that help them meet the demands of the market. We manufacture a wide range of PLA straw machine products like PLA Straw Bending Machine, U Shape PLA Straw Packing Machine with Bevel Cut and Carton Box Packing Machine. Our state-of-the-art straw making machine is designed to cater to the diverse needs of the market by manufacturing high-quality PLA straws. Our PLA straw making machine is easy to operate, highly productive, and versatile, which allows our customers to produce straws in various shapes and sizes with minimal downtime. Choose our straw making machine to revolutionize your straw-making process and to produce high-quality straws that meet your business needs. Contact us today to learn more about our machines and how they can benefit your business.

    PLA straw making machine manufacturers in India

    Technical Parameters:

    Description Details
    Straw Diameter 2 – 12mm
    Straw Length 5 – 350mm adjustable
    Main screw Dia 50 mm, Length / Dia. 28/30:l
    Raw Material PLA/Plant fibre Resin
    Speed 500 – 1000 Pcs/Min
    Capacity 20 – 30 Kg/h
    Total Power 20 – 22 Kw
    Extruder Dimension 2.2m x lm x l.7m
    Complete line dimension l0m x lm x l.7m
    Weight of Complete Line 1000 Kg


    U-shaped PLA straw production line produces PLA straws by Melting, shaping, Cooling, Cutting, Bending, and packaging at one time.

    • Extrusion: The PLA resin pellets are melted and then extruded into long, thin tubes. The extrusion process involves pushing the molten PLA through a die, which gives the straw its desired shape and size

    • Cooling: The newly formed PLA straw is then cooled rapidly to solidify its shape. This is typically done using cool water or air.

    • Cutting and Trimming: Once the PLA straw has cooled and solidified, it is cut to the desired length. Any excess material is trimmed off to create a smooth and uniform surface.

    • Packaging: Finally, the PLA straws are packaged and prepared for distribution. The packaging may include individual wrapping or bulk packaging, depending on the intended use and customer requirements.

    On time delivery

    On time delivery

    Quality assurance

    Quality assurance

    Huge production

    Huge production

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    Reasonable cost

    Types of PLA Straw Machines we manufacture


    PLA Straw Bending


    U Shape PLA Straw Packing Machine with Bevel Cut


    Carton Box Packing

    Key Features
    of Our PLA
    Straw Machine

    PLC Controller
    Greater ROI
    Servo System
    Auto OFF & ON
    Easy Operation
    Highly Energy-Saving
    Speed Controller
    User-Friendly Features
    Conveyor Belt System
    Auto-gluing Part

    PLA Straw Bending Machine at Affordable Price

    We are the premium manufacturers and suppliers of PLA straw bending machines in India at a very reasonable price. Our machine has the capacity of bending 250– 300 straw pieces per minute. Moreover, the output straws from the machine are bendable up to 180 degrees. It is capable of loading 4000 straws at a single time. This Fully Automatic U-Shape PLA Straw Bending Machine offers completely automatic and the best solutions for many industries. The PLA drinking straw bending machine is compatible with Paper Straws, Plastic Straws, etc. Automatic counting and batch alarm systems provide great functionality and save a lot of time for the operator.

    Technical Parameters:

    Description Details
    Speed 250 – 300 Pieces / Min
    Straw Diameter ID – 3.8 mm, OD – 4.2 mm+/- 0.2 (Fixed)
    Straw Length Fixed
    Straw Thickness 0.2 mm
    Power Consumption 2 Kw/h
    Weight 900 Kg
    Dimension 2200 * 1600 * 1700mm
    No. of Rings 10

    Buy Quality fully automatic pla straw making machine at Lowest Price in India


    Our Offered After-Sales Support 

    • After-sales Service:
      We are always here for you, we provide 24 * 7 customer support, we offer services at any time and anywhere to help our esteemed customers and solve problems instantly.

    • Operation Guide:
      After the customer receives the Tetra Pack PLA Straw Making Machine, our technicians will guide the installation throughout. Our skilled machinists are dedicated to helping you at your doorstep to solve any faults that occur and are ready to show a live demo about how it works.

    • Machine Parts:
      All our machine parts are of excellent quality and famous brands, which are convenient for customers. We also provide spare parts readily with excellent quality. When comparing the pricing of our Fully Automatic PLA Straw Making Machine to that of other manufacturers, we will always be less than 10% to 20% cheaper.

    What makes it Unique?

    • Easy to Operate
    • Highly Productive
    • Automatic Counting
    • Batch Alarm System
    • User-friendly Controlling System

    U Shape PLA Straw Packing Machine with Bevel Cut

    We are the premium manufacturers and suppliers of Tetra Pack PLA Straw Making Machine in India at a very reasonable price. U shape tetra pack drinking straw packing machine can bend flexible PLA, Plastic, and Paper drinking straws to a “U” shape and automatically pack them in a row. This machine is composed of a driving motor, film release, reel devices, driving system, etc. This machine can ensure all sharp ends are packed in the same direction. To make the machine durable and to prevent any malfunctions, we utilized high-quality materials. This machine includes an automatic product counting system that makes it easier for you to count and set the desired number of straws. In the case that a straw gets stuck, the machine will shut off automatically.

    • The Heating rollers and steel moulds are manufactured from aluminum.
    • Packing of single straw in a row and the completion of bending, filling, and packing of straws at a time.
    • High speed and considerable capacity.

    Technical Parameters:

    Description Detail
    Function Temperature Controller
    Motor Power 3 Kw
    Straw Diameter 3.8 (ID), 4.2 (OD) Fixed for PLA
    Straw Length 140 – 230 mm (One Length Fixed)
    Mould 1 set according to given diagram
    Capacity 500 – 600 Pcs/min
    Packing Material BOPP Film (15-20 Microns)
    Power and Voltage 3P / 380V / 50Hz

    Easy Steps To Buy Your Desired PLA Straw Production Machine

    Our goal is to offer the best quality full automatic food grade pla straw making machine in India at cost-effective prices. Our customers count on us due to our machine’s unique design, innovative features, high specification, specialized delivery needs, and customer services. 



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    After Sale Service

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    Carton Box Packing Machine for PLA Straws

    It has the functions of setting the total number counting, arranging the pressure tube, pausing, and stopping when the number is reached. The size of the packing box is adjustable within the maximum range. This machine is highly flexible according to your production needs. A highly advanced and user-friendly controlling system helps you to set the machine perfect for your needs. High-quality materials are used to increase the durability of the machine and to avoid any kind of breakdown.

    Technical Parameters:

    Description Details
    Total power 1.5 Kw (380v)
    Box Dimension 850 * 700 * 700 mm
    Speed 500 – 700 Pcs / Min
    Machine Dimension 2100 * 1800 * 2000 mm
    Machine Weight 800 Kg

    Why choose our pla straw machine?


    Affordable Pricing

    We supply only highly efficient, reliable, durable & high speed pladrinking straw machinery in India at the most reasonable cost and at determined quality. Buy cost-effective machines from the leading pla straw making machine suppliers in India.


    Top Quality Machines

    We utilize only verified materials to manufacture automatic pla straw making machine in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. Our technical professionals make sure that the machines are free from every fault to deliver outstanding functions.


    100% Customer Satisfaction

    Our team of technical experts is well knowledgeable in manufacturing fully/semi automatic pla straw machines in India. We offer our best and work with 100% customer support by delivering guaranteed service & best quality straw making machine.

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