Non Woven Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine in India

Five Fingers Exports (An ISO: 9001 certified co.,) We are the Best Non Woven Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers in India at the most reasonable cost. Our Non woven roll slitting/cutting machine will be useful for slitting fabric into your required multiple slitting sizes and cutting the slitted fabric into the required length of the sheet. This automatic non woven roll to sheet cutting machine is more exclusively suitable for cotton fabric and non woven fabric sheets with various thicknesses.

The raw materials that are used for manufacturing slitting and cutting machinery are first-class materials and top-quality stainless steel. Our machine is appropriate for slitting and cutting materials like various non-printing Roll film materials, non-woven fabrics, sensitive materials, and other plastic films, etc. This Non-Woven Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine can slit BOPP, PET, CPP, PVC, etc.

Non Woven Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine in India

Non woven slitting cutting machine specifications:

Description 1600mm 1200mm
Production speed 20-140 pcs / minute 20-140 pcs / minute
Slitting width 50-1200 mm 50-1600 mm
Cutting length 150-1000 mm 150-1000 mm
Material thickness 40-100 gsm 40-100 gsm
Total power 9 kw 11 kw
Power supply 220 v 220 v
Weight 1200 kg 2000 kg
Overall dimension(l*w*h) 4.3 *1.9 *1.5 m 4.3 *2.3 *1.5 m

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    Best Non Woven Roll Slitting And Sheet Cutting Machine Manufacturers in India

    Features of non woven fabric roll cutting machine:

    • Slitting is performed through surgical blades via manual measurement and fixing .
    • Sheet cutting is performed via feeding cutting length in plc . Automatic rectifying deviation, automatic counting.
    • We can adjust the speed also .
    • Stepper drive constituted perfect running according to signal from plc .
    • Constant tension controller and step less speed regulator.
    • Automatic loading of fabric reduce man power requirement
    • High speed, slitting materials neatly and so on.

    Leading Non Woven Fabric Slitting Machine Suppliers in India

    Five Fingers Exports introduce the most energy-saving Non Woven Roll to Sheet Cutting Machines manufactured adhering to approved industry standards. We are the leading manufacturer of non-woven roll to sheet cutting machine in India at the best price. We offer excellent non woven fabric roll cutting machine and non woven fabric roll slitting machines with superior quality, high stability, and great performance.

    If you are looking for non woven roll to sheet cutting machine price in India? simply request a free online quote, and we will get back to you with our special price! Our machines are designed in compliance with modern functioning mechanisms with the assurance of offering incredible performance continually.

    • We are your one-stop solution, no matter where you are in India. We deliver our high-quality Non-woven fabric roll to sheet cutting machines all across the country in a timely manner.

    • If you have any problems using the machine, our highly trained technicians will arrive to your location and perform a live demonstration of the machines entire operation.

    • Our organization validates non woven roll to sheet cutting machines systematically on the basis of execution, production, and effectiveness before delivering to the clients.

    Uniqueness of Our Non Woven Sheet Cutting Machines

    Uniqueness of Our Non Woven Sheet Cutting Machines

    • Optimum performance

    • High efficiency

    • User-friendly operation

    • Dimensional accuracy

    • Prolonged service life

    • Energy-efficient

    • Hassle-free operation

    • High stability

    • Low noise

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    Our goal is to offer the best quality non woven roll to sheet cutting machines in India at cost-effective prices. Our customers count on us due to our machine’s unique design, innovative features, high specification, specialized delivery needs, and customer services. 


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