Automatic W/U Cut Non Woven Bag Making Machine

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    FFN – 600 Special Features


    Description FFN – 600
    Production speed 20-120 pcs/min
    Bag width 100-800 mm
    Bag length 100-500 mm
    Bag thickness 20-100 gsm
    Power supply 220v
    Total power 12 kw
    Weight 2000 kg
    Overall dimensions 30*10*7 feet

    New Advancements Technologies of Our Machines


    Compact structure




    Photo eye-tracking


    Robust construction


    Superior performance


    Ultrasonic top folding


    Heavy Duty operation

    “Maximize Productivity with Efficient Bag Making Machines”

    “Maximize Productivity with Efficient Bag Making Machines”

    Quality 100%
    Accuracy 99%
    Speed 95%

    Our Offered After-Sales Support 

    After-sales Service:
    We are always here for you, we provide 24 * 7 customer support, we offer services at any time and anywhere to help our esteemed customers and solve problems instantly.

    Operation Guide:
    After the customer receives the machines, our technicians will guide the installation throughout. Our skilled machinists are dedicated to helping you at your doorstep to solve any faults if occur and are ready to show a live demo about how it works.

    Machine Parts:
    All our machine parts are of excellent quality and famous brands, which are convenient for customers. We also provide spare parts readily with excellent quality. When comparing the pricing of our bag making machine to that of other manufacturers, we will always be less than 10% to 20% cheaper.

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