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The dealer community at Five Fingers Exports is the heart of our company. Powerful partnerships with our dealers have allowed us to expand our business into new markets, gain insight into changing market dynamics, and provide better service to our customers. As a result of Five Fingers Exports’ creative and technologically better products, its dealers have been able to expand their operations.

For the last ten years, Five Fingers Exports has been renowned for its technological innovation and superfine quality latest technology Non-Woven Bag Making Machine, Bag Printing Machine, Paper Bag Making Machine, Paper Straw Making Machine, Face mask making machine manufacturers and suppliers in India. Under one roof, you may find a wide range of single colour, two colour, and four colour offset printing machines, as well as bag making machines, bag printing machines are currently available. The group has dominance in India’s consumer market, as well as exporting products and having representation in numerous countries across the world.

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Our company’s lifeblood is the Five Fingers Exports dealer community. Every Five Fingers Exports dealer benefits from Five Fingers Exports’ expertise and resource investments in its partner community, including assistance with technological deployments, staff training, and knowledge sessions, among other aspects. When you connect, you become a member of a community dedicated to providing additional value to our clients.


Five Fingers Exports has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India to support 65+ products and more than 12000 different spares portfolios. Five Fingers Exports’ Packaging and Printing machines are designed using in-house technologies to provide optimal efficiency, robustness, and long-term service life.

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Five Fingers Exports has extended its wings around the globe after establishing a strong name in the Indian packaging and printing industry. Five Fingers Exports is proud of its part in improving the view of Indian printing and allied machines around the world. Machines from Five Fingers Exports have been accepted and acclaimed in a number of nations of the globe. We are expanding our mastery to various countries through higher quality, faster delivery, lower prices, and innovative technology.

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