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    High Quality Laminated Non Woven Box Bag Making Machine in India

    We, Five Fingers Exports, manufacture and supply the best laminated non woven box bag making machine in India. Our Leader Box Bag Making Machine stands out for its unmatched versatility and efficiency, all offered at an affordable price. Whether you choose the fully automatic or semi-automatic model, our Leader machine crafts high-quality laminated non-woven bags with integrated handles fast and accurately. With advanced features designed for seamless production, our machine is the ideal solution for your manufacturing requirements.

    • Owing to our machine’s excellent performance, lower operating costs, and immense power consumption, these Laminated Non Woven Box Bag Making Machine machines are highly compatible with the mass production of various items and are thus envied by numerous businesses.
    • With the help of our machine, you can produce perfectly finished bags with both quality and quantity.
    • In comparison to other manufacturers, our Fully automatic leader 15 box bag making machine price is relatively reasonable.
    Automatic non woven laminated box bag making machine

    Automatic Non Woven Laminated Box Bag Making Machine 

    Five Fingers Exports (an ISO: 9001 certified co.,)This innovative machine produces laminated box bags from durable non-woven materials, ideal for grocery, promotional, or retail packaging needs. With its user-friendly design and advanced features, our machine streamlines production, saving time and resources. Experience the convenience and reliability of our Non-Woven Laminated Box Bag Making Machine, perfect for businesses seeking enhanced packaging solutions while reducing environmental impact.


    Description FFN – LT500
    Production Speed 35 – 70 pcs/min
    Max Width Of Unwinding 1160mm
    Min Width Of Unwinding 500mm
    Bag Height 200-450mm
    Bag Width 133-500mm
    Width Of Bag Gusset 130-300mm
    Lenght Of Bag Handle 380-600mm
    Material Feeding rolls of pp spunbond/PLA spunbond/RPET spunbond/RPET stichbond
    Material Basis Weight(Thickness) 80-120gsm
    Total Power 45KW
    Compressed Air Flow 1.2m3/min
    Compressed Air Pressure 1.0MPa
    Power Source 380V/50HZ/3P
    Dimension(L*W*H) 10700x6850x2500mm
    Weight 9500kg
    Leader Box bag making amchine structure
    Leader Box bag making amchine structure

    Unwinding and Handle Attaching 


    Accessories Parameter Description
    Magnet power tension control and web guider 5KG magnet power tension controller: 1pcs EPC box(for auto web guider): 1pcs(r): 1pcs web guider sensor:1pcs
    Air shaft p3″ (474mm) for paper tube:1pcs
    Cylinders(rolls unwinding) Auto loading cylinder:2pcs

    Air shaft Clamping cylinder:2pcs

    Bag mouth sealing mould cylinders: 2pcs

    Swing arm cylinders: 2pcs

    Cylinders(handle attaching unit) Cylinders for cutting knife:2pcs

    Cylinder for handle clamping:2pcs

    Cylinders for handle welding position:4pcs

    Cylinders for handle sealing:2pcs

    Cylinders for sealing mould lifting:4pcs

    AC Motors 5pcs “AC motor for unwinding: 1pcs(1.5KW) AC motor for handle sealing mould: 2pc(0.55KW)

    Synchronous motor for web guider:1pcs Synchronous motor for bag mouth folding device auto adjustment:1pcs

    Stepping Motor 21 pcs Cutting knife position adjust: 2pcs

    front rectifying deviation: 1pcs(12N.m, Soyo) handle part rectifying deviation: 2pcs(12N.m,Soyo) deviation

    loop handle feeding:2pcs(22N.m,SOYO)

    Inward pushing:2pcs(12Nm, SOYO)

    “Handle rotary: 4pcs spot welding distance:8pc”

    Solenoid valve (Airtac)
    Air tank 2 pcs
    Ultrasonic Sealing Systems (8 sets) ultrasonic generator box and hom for bag mouth sealing :2 sets(1500w,20KHZ, horn journey:70mm)

    ultrasonic generator box and horn for loop handle sealing:2 sets( 1500W,20KHZ, hom journey:55mm)

    ultrasonic generator box and horn for loop handle attaching:4 sets( 1500w,20KHZ, horn journey: 30mm)

    Tape Attachment tape attachment for cooler bags: 1 set
    Control System control PLC:2pcs(Panasonic)

    small stepping motor driver:14pcs

    Frequency converter:2pcs

    stepping motor driver: 4pcs

    Relay: (Schneider)

    electricity components: CHNT

    touch screen:2pcs(Taiwan Weinview)

    Creasing, Cutting, Bag Mould Forming and Sealing  


    Accessories Parameter Description
    Servo Motors 20 pcs for cooler bag hole punching:1pcs (0.75KW, INNOVANCE) for cooler bag level movement:1pcs (0.75KW, INNOVANCE)

    for creasing:2pcs(12N.m.,INNOVANCE)

    main mould elevator:1pcs (22KW, INNOVANCE)

    ultrasonic hom push: 2pcs(2.0KW, INNOVANCE) bag side insert: 4pcs(1.5KW, INNOVANCE)

    fabric pulling:2pcs (2.0KW, INNOVANCE) fabric feeding:2pcs (1.5KW, INNOVANCE)

    bag bottom insert up/down: 2pcs (0.75KW, INNOVANCE) bag bottom insert level: 2pcs (1.5KW, INNOVANCE)

    bag bottom hold(forward/backward): 1pcs (0.75KW, INNOVANCE)

    Stepping Motors 12pcs Bag drop:4pcs(22N.m; Soyo); Bag drop positioning:4pcs (6N.m; Soyo)

    platform 1st adjust:1pcs (12N.m; SOYO) platform 2nd adjust:1pcs (12N.m; SOYO)

    rear rectifying deviation:1pcs(12N.m,SOYO)

    for cutting knife: 1pcs(37N.m Soyo)

    Synchronous motor(1pcs) For shaft elevator:1pcs(60W);
    Cylinders For ultrasonic sealing horn 8pcs; for fabric clamping 2pcs
    Air filter Compressed air input terminal
    ultrasonic sealing system Ultrasonic generator box and horn for side sealing 2 sets(3000W, 15Khz, horn journey:350mm)

    Ultrasonic generator box and hom for side sealing 2 sets(3000W, 15Khz, horn journey: 100mm)

    Control Systems (Distribution box) stepping motor driver:15pcs

    servo motor driver:20pcs

    motion control PLC :6pcs(Panasonic)

    AC motor convertor:1pcs

    Man machine interface touch screen: 1pcs

    electricity components:CHNT (power input:380V/50Hz/3phase)

    Bag Press and Transport


    Accessories Parameter Description
    Motor AC motor: 1pcs(1.5KW)
    Motor Controller AC motor frequency convertor:1pcs(Dovol)
    Conveyor conveyor: 1 set

    Bag Collecting


    Accessories Parameter Description
    Motor AC reduction motor for belt:


    Cylinder AC reduction motor for platform up/down:1pcs(0.37kw)
    Control Systems (Distribution box) Stepping motor:1pcs(soyo,22N.m)

    cylinder for collecting:6pcs

    Touch screen: 1pcs(Taiwan weinview)

    AC motor frequency convertor:1pcs(Dovol)

    Stepping motor driver:1pcs

    electricity components:CHNT

    Multifunctional Forming Mould

    • This machine is equipped with a single set of multifunctional cores, which covers up to 95% of the bag size.
    • The mold plate is from 130mm to 300mm to accommodate different sizes of bag side gussets.

    • The standard sizes for the side and bottom mold plates include 130mm, 150mm, 160mm, 180mm, 200mm, 220mm, 240mm, 260mm, 280mm, and 300mm, with two pieces per set. Optional mold plates in sizes 140mm, 190mm, and 270mm are also available.

    Multifunctional Mould Core

    Mould Plate

    Table of bag side width and bag height
    Side Width (mm) Bag Height Max (mm)
    130 405
    140 410
    150 415
    160 420
    170 425
    180 430
    190 440
    200 450
    220 450
    240 450
    260 450
    280 450
    300 450

    Necessary Equipment


    • For running the machine, a compressor is required and a stabilizer may be necessary.
    • These items are not included with the machine.

    • You have the option to purchase them together or locally. We recommend a 15KW screw compressor along with an air dryer and air tank for optimal performance.

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    Why choose our laminated non woven box bag making machine?

    Why choose our laminated non woven box bag making machine?


    Affordable Pricing

    Buy the cost-effective machines from the leading Leader box bag making machine suppliers in India. We supply highly durable machines all over India at the most reasonable cost. 


    Premium Quality Machines

    We utilize only verified materials to manufacture laminated non woven box bag making machine at a low price in India. Our technical experts make sure that our machines are free from every fault to deliver outstanding function.


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    Our technical experts team is well knowledgeable in manufacturing Leader machines in India. We give our best work & 100% customer support by delivering guaranteed machines at a low price.

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    Leader Laminated Box Bag Making Machine is specialized equipment for producing laminated box bags, ideal for durable and attractive packaging solutions.

    Semi-Automatic machines require some manual input, while Fully Automatic ones operate with minimal human intervention, streamlining the production process.

    Leader Laminated Non-Woven Box Bag Making Machines create eco-friendly, robust bags suitable for retail and promotional use, offering enhanced branding possibilities.