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    Fully Automatic Paper Straw Making Machine in Maharashtra

    Five Fingers Exports is the leading manufacturer of paper straw making machines at the lowest price in Maharashtra. The biodegradable Paper drinking straw making machine is one of the most trending machines in the current Indian market at the perfect replacement for PP and plastic straws. As a top supplier, we manufacture fully automatic drinking paper straw making machines in Maharashtra with more manually customized features and reduce the labor intensity of the operation. The fully Automatic Paper Straw Making Machine that we manufacture is suitable for producing different sizes of paper straws, such as 5mm; 6mm; 8mm; 10mm, 12mm, etc. Boost your production of paper straws through our high speed paper straw making machine.

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    Trying to double your production?

    Looking to enhance your product sales and revenue? You must need a fully automatic drinking paper straw making machine. Simply contact us and get our premium quality machines at an affordable price. Support after sales, training, free installation, demo, and much more features are included in our services.

    On time delivery

    On time delivery

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    Quality assurance

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    Huge production

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    Description Details
    Paper layers 2-5 layer
    Inner diameter 4-12 mm
    Paper thickness 0.3-1 mm
    Cutting system 25-50 metre / minute
    Cutting length 12- – 1050 mm
    Power supply 380v/50hz/3 phase
    Total power 9 kw
    Loading weight 30 kg
    Installing dimension(l*w*h) 30*40*8 feet
    Weight 1500 kg
    One Step Forward, Infinite Possibilities

    High Speed Paper Straw Making Machine in Maharashtra

    We Five Fingers Exports assure you of our machine’s quality, production speed, and entire performance. As more and more people become conscious of their environmental impact, the demand for paper straws has increased significantly. When looking for a paper straw making machine manufacturer, it’s important to consider factors such as the manufacturer’s reputation, the quality of their machines, and the level of service they provide. We are responsible for designing and producing machines that can efficiently and effectively produce paper straws of various sizes and designs.

    • We are an affordable biodegradable straw manufacturing machine supplier, offering machines all over Maharashtra dealing with all kinds of services at reasonable charges.

    • Apart from manufacturing straw maker machines, we provide services at any time and anywhere in Maharashtra.

    • Want to know about the paper straw making machine price in Maharashtra? contact us right away to hear our unique offers.

    Why Choose Five Fingers Exports

    • Your one-stop solution for all requirements like supplying brand-new machines, spare parts, and machine services.

    • Manufactured to cater your specific industry needs
    • Boost your production of paper straws through our high speed paper straw machines.

    • Get Customized Paper Straws from Bending to Packaging
    • Revolutionize your paper straw production with our machines.

    If you find any trouble our technicians are ready to help at your doorstep to give immediate solutions and show a live demo of how to operate!

    Types of Paper Straw Machines we manufacture

    paper straw making machine in coimbatore

    Paper Straw Bending

    biodegradable straws manufacturing machine

    Paper Straw Bevel Cutting Machine

    straw making machine price in india

    Paper Straw Tetra Packing Machine

    biodegradable paper straw forming machine suppliers

    Single Paper Straw Packing Machine

    paper straw machine price

    Multi-Paper Straw Packing Machine

    paper straw making machine cost

    Paper Roll Slitting

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      Key Features
      of Our Paper
      Straw Machine

      PLC Controller
      Greater ROI
      Servo System
      Auto OFF & ON
      Easy Operation
      Highly Energy-Saving
      Speed Controller
      User-Friendly Features
      Conveyor Belt System
      Auto-gluing Part

      Get Affordable High Speed Paper Drinking Straw Making Machine

      Five Fingers Exports (An ISO: 9001 certified co.,)  As the top-notch eco friendly paper straw making machine manufacturers in Maharashtra we introduce the most powerful paper straw manufacturing machine with high quality, energy-efficient, and long-lasting machines anywhere in Maharashtra. With an upgraded design for cutting devices, before with 5 cutting knives, the speed of the machine will be very higher, and stable works at a stable speed. We also have a wide range of machines to suit different production needs, from small-scale to high-volume production. The end product is a drinking straw or drinking tube which is a small pipe that allows users to consume a beverage more conveniently.

      Add-on Attributes

      • The high speed paper drinking straw making machine is adopted with a human-machine operation interface PLC.

      • The primary motor is equipped with variable frequency speed regulation, simple for parameter setting & operating the machine.

      • Slitting rolls can be easily positioned in a paper feeding stand by an electric lifting device.

      • We provide an auto peel off and on option to reduce the time of setting and loading raw material.

      • It consists of a Spiral winding part, hanging type operation panel, specific operation system, Belt tension device (driven hand-wheel).

      • A multi-knife system with an in-line cutting unit is controlled by an encoder, cutting the final paper tube directly.

      • We are giving a great dryer with a conveyor and collector system to produce quality straw for immediate packing and dispatch.

      • Fundamental parts: servo motor and inverter all use Schneider brand, pneumatic components use air tech brand, with truly stable execution.

      Why purchase our exclusive straw making machine?

      • In this competitive industry, we produce a high-quality machine to make paper straws which are a very good alternate option to plastic straws.

      • Our machines are very effortless and have a simple process to operate with a single operator or normal worker.

      • When talking about drinking paper straw making machine price in Maharashtra, we are the best choice in offering you with reasonable cost with trusted machines.

      • The whole paper straw machine is characterized by a compact structure, simple and stable working conditions.

      Best Quality & High Speed Paper Straw Making Machine in Maharashtra

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      Why choose our paper straw machine?


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      We supply only highly efficient, reliable, durable & high speed paper drinking straw machinery in Maharashtra at the most reasonable cost and at determined quality. Buy cost-effective machines from the leading paper straw making machine suppliers in Maharashtra.


      Top Quality Machines

      We utilize only verified materials to manufacture automatic paper straw making machine. Our technical professionals make sure that the machines are free from every fault to deliver outstanding functions.


      100% Customer Satisfaction

      Our team of technical experts is well knowledgeable in manufacturing fully/semi automatic paper straw machines in Maharashtra. We offer our best and work with 100% customer support by delivering guaranteed service & best quality straw making machine.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      The Premium drinking straw making machine price starts at Rs 1,100,000/Piece.

      Five Fingers Exports offers a one-stop solution for you. Yes, we provide high quality machines, the best quality spare parts, repair, services, and any other needs.

      We offer a simple way to contact us. You can contact us for an automatic paper drinking straw making machine to order or services at +91 9655286222 or submit your requirements using our free online quote form.

      If you meet any trouble operating the machine, our skilful technicians are committed to helping you at your doorstep to solve any faults if occur and ready to show a live demo about how it operates.

      Paper drinking straw machinery is one of the most trending machines in the current Indian market. It is an excellent replacement for PP and plastic straws as they are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

      We always here to accomplish our client’s satisfaction, we provide 24 * 7 customer support.

      Do you want to know drinking straw making machine price in Maharashtra?