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Five Fingers Exports (An ISO: 9001 certified co.,) Non Woven Handle Cutting Machine is the best solution for handle loop cutting of the non-woven rolls and for making Loop handle bags and vet bags. This cutting machine we supply is used in nonwoven and PP woven bag handle cutting. In this semi automatic non woven bag handle cutting machine, after loop formation or either direct insertion of non-woven loop roll, the fabric roll enters the ultrasonic sealing machine and handles are made. After making loops, it is directed towards the handle cutting machine for cutting handles according to our required length with an automatic cutting system and it cuts with the help of a rotational blade. We are always here for you, we offer services at any time and anywhere in India. Feel free to contact us and know our special price.


Description Details
Production speed 25-50 pcs / minute
Outer dimensions 550*1100 mm
Electric power 600 w
Power supply 220v 50hz
Optional No compressor

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    Nonwoven Bag Handle Cutting Machine in India at Best Price

    We are a leading manufacturer of handle cutting machine in India at the most reasonable costs. You can trust the quality of our product without any regrets. We have supported our clients in increasing their production capacity and generating greater ROI. We manufacture and deliver the finest handle cutting machine in the market. This non woven handle cutting machine is a cost-effective solution with moderate volumes and the best available alternative on the market, without sacrificing quality or efficiency at such a cheap price. It is the most demanding machine in the bag making industry due to its compact form, user-friendly operation, and multiple cutting length options.

    Salient features of our machines are

    • Power can be adjusted according to material thickness

    • The machine runs stably

    • The frequency can be changed automatically

    • An easy size changing selection

    • Automatic shut down after roll finish

    • Common worker is sufficient to operate the machine

    • Eventually labor cost is much reduced

    • Multiple processes can be compiled

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    Our goal is to offer the best quality Handle Cutting Machine in India at cost-effective prices. Our customers count on us due to our machine’s unique design, innovative features, high specification, specialized delivery needs, and customer services. 


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