Fully automatic Non woven W/U Cut Carry Bag Making Machine

Five Fingers Exports (An ISO: 9001 certified co.,) Non Woven Bag Making Machines is a Fully Automatic machine, widely used in the packaging industry. It is loaded with some of the advanced features such as computer fixed length, photo eye-tracking, auto stop, stepper drive with its motor, web aligner, tension controller, ultrasonic welding.

This simple machine is suitable for producing non woven w cut/vest bags / u cut bags, carry bags only. Ffn 600 is a revolution in the packaging industry with its more controlled and precise performance. No matter where you are, we deliver our machine at your place exclusively in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar and Kolkata in good time. In the machine, there are installed various control devices like auto-counting and other safety alarms for safe and secure operation. It is also integrated with an advanced ultrasonic welding technology that ensures a highly strong sealing in the bags.

  • This machine adopts touch screen hmi synchronized with plc program to give inputs like speed, size of the bag, counter and other specifications.
  • Automatic loader is used for loading fabric without manual power. Limit switch sensor is used to stop the machine automatically once the fabric roll finished.
  • The photoelectric sensor is used while running printer fabric roll
  • High voltage static processor, Auto constant temperature heading control.
  • Unwinding magnetic tension control with manual, auto side correction control.
  • This machine adopts ultrasonic welding of all aspect-ed, bag mouth folding welding, side sealing, once full completed, fast speed, easy to operate, firm sealing, beautiful and decent.
Description Ffn – 600
Production speed 20-120 pcs/min
Bag width 100-800 mm
Bag length 100-500 mm
Bag thickness 20-100 gsm
Power supply 220v
Total power 12 kw
Weight 2000 kg
Overall dimensions 30*10*7 feet
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