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Five Fingers Exports (An ISO: 9001 certified co.,) We are the foremost cotton bag printing machine Manufacturers in India. We manufacture and supply machines at an industrial leading price by satisfying all the demands of our esteemed clients. By focusing consistency on the developing market, we manufactured and supplied more than 1000 sets of cotton bag printing machines in India and our clients are satisfied due to its advanced features. Cotton bags stay perpetually as they are environmentally friendly and are totally recyclable. Still, thinking about ordering our machine or wondering about the cloth carry bag printing machine price in India? Simply submit a request form and we will respond as soon as possible with our best price.

  • Our machines are highly regarded for their high durability for extended life and better quality.
  • We have several branches around India, and we deliver our cotton bag printing machines on time, regardless of where you are in India (north, south, east, or west).

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    Cotton Cloth Bag Printing Machine is one of the simplest forms of bag printing used in cotton bag manufacturing industry. We provide a one-stop place for all of your needs, including brand new machines, spare parts, machine servicing, and more. If you’re looking for a low-cost multicolor cotton bag printing machine in India, you can count on us because we prioritize client satisfaction. These machines are highly compatible for mass production of various items and thus envied in numerous businesses due to their excellent performance, low operating costs, and less power consumption.

    Salient Features:

    • Anyone can run this machine without such experience and very easy to learn the operation.

    • Quality of printing is first class because we using anilox roller for inks.

    • It is a multipurpose machine, we can print all materials like paper, woven sheets as well as cotton bags.

    • We can adjust the speed using the knob and counter for calculating the number of printing impressions.

    • Feeding is done by hand manually.

    • These cotton bag printing machines are highly compatible with mass production.


    Description 2 color 4 color
    Power 1.5 kw 2.2 kw
    Speed 1500-3000 / hour 1500-3000 / hour
    Max. Printing length 1200 mm 1200 mm
    Max. Printing width 600 mm 600 mm
    Max. Input sheet 1200*650 mm 1200*650 mm
    Plate thickness 4.8-5.0 mm 4.8-5.00 mm
    Weight 700 kg 1300 kg
    Overall dimensions (including feeding table and output conveyor ) 10*4.5*4 feet 15*4.5*4 feet

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    Cotton Bag Printing Machine in India

    • We are experts in giving perfect products with various specifications of our client’s needs, we are the chief cotton bag printing machine suppliers in India at the best prices.

    • Our machines do not require much maintenance, since they are manufactured with high productivity with extreme stability.

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